SH.P. Khanna

He is the FOUNDER CHAIRMAN of the CMCORPS group. He is B.E., MBA, MST i.e., an Engineer (B.E.) and Postgraduate in Business Management (MBA) and Master’s in Software Technology (MST). Had initial training with IBM in USA. He was the first in the country who was allowed by the Government to import a Main Frame Computer in 1981. In early 70's he floated leading software company with imported IBM mainframe computer. Is Chairman and Managing Director of various companies. Very well settled in business and is well known in industry. Has extensively traveled in India and Abroad in connection with business activities. He has been in software development, EDP Services, Technical Project Appraisals and System development Projects for past over 35 years. He has been involved with various Technical economic studies, Project studies, EDP and System Management. He was a member of the official team which was sent all over the world in early Eighties to find how the Software Exports can be promoted in the country.

Mr. Amod Khanna
Managing Director

He is the Managing Director of the CMCORPS group, the holding company and promoter of conglomerate of more than 15 companies, partnerships, joint ventures with aggregate annual revenues of more than Rs. 600 Crores. He joined the CMCORPS Group in 2000. He is a Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and has a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from University of Delhi. He also has Master’s in Software Technology from Lucknow. He brings with him a vast experience of almost two decades in fields of Software Development, Stock Market, Real Estate Acquisitions, Stressed Asset Acquisitions, Real Estate project financing and in fields of FMC Goods. Lately he has been involved with various Skill Development projects of the government and is expanding the group's exposure in this sector as well.

Over last two decades he has been instrumental in the growth of the Group in diverse fields and has made all businesses into self-running model. He has deeply embedded a culture of self-financing and self-growth in all businesses and made them run independently. His business leadership has been recognized by several corporate and community organizations and is a well-respected face in the industry. He is a keen reader and has a passion to do lots for the poor. He also heads an NGO and his upcoming projects are going to focus on this unattended sector soon. Born in 1974, Amod Khanna is born and brought up in Delhi and currently stays in Delhi and London.

Dr. Rajnish Kataria
Executive Director

He is the Executive Director of CMCORPS Group. He has recently joined the Group in March 2019, A Ph.D. in International Trade, he has been a Banker, a Trainer and an Academician. He has had an experience of 31 years in banking industry, in a nationalized bank, two foreign banks and a leading private sector bank. For more than 6 years, he was the Director and CEO of National Institute of Banking Studies & Corporate Management (NIBSCOM) set up by Reserve Bank of India and is managed by select public & private sector banks. It provides regular trainings to, Top Management, Senior Managements & Junior Management Officials of Banking Industry and Leading Corporates. He has also been a regular Visiting Faculty at Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) University of Delhi, has worked as an Associate Professor in Amity University, Noida and has also taught at LBS Institute of Management, Bhartiya Vidyapeeth University and IILM.

A product of The Modern School and St. Stephen’s College Delhi, he is contributing to CMCORPS group for making it as one of the leading Educational and Skill related Organizational hub in the country. The group is setting up Skill Universities all over India, beginning with Ujjain and Himachal Pradesh. Besides his professional engagements, he is a keen follower of sports and of Indian classical music.